“MCABC is the leading advocate for the mechanical contracting industry in BC. Being an MCABC member means comradery and knowing you are not alone as we work together to improve ourselves, our companies and our industry overall.

A key way we do this is by creating programs to help our members support, attract and retain talent. A great example of this is MCABC’s new Fortify Wellness group benefits and retirement solutions plan. I was the very first person to sign up for Fortify, because I know first-hand as a business owner how important it is to invest in your people and their wellbeing.”

Wayne Davidson

Past President/Secretary-Treasurer | President & Chair, MCAC President
Davidson Bros. Mechanical Contractors Ltd.

Wayne Davidson began working in the mechanical contracting industry when he was just 12 years old, assisting his father who founded Davidson Bros. Mechanical Contractors in 1976.

“I’m fortunate that I discovered my passion for mechanical contracting from an early age. It’s all I’ve ever known. Mechanical contracting is my life, my legacy, my name. It means everything to me,” says Wayne. In particular, he finds “the growth and challenge that comes with being in a dynamic, rapidly changing industry” one of the most rewarding aspects of the sector.  

“Our industry is in flux. That can be a very positive thing if we tackle head-on the issues that we face.” One of these challenges is attracting people to the trades, which Wayne says is at an all-time priority. “The mechanical contracting industry has a lot to offer, including a good income. But beyond that, innovation is, and will continue to be, a major factor. We are leading the green construction movement and doing our part to save our planet.”     

Wayne has sat on MCABC’s Board of Directors for over 20 years. He says, “I’m a big proponent of leaving things better than when you found them, and being on the Board gives me the opportunity to have a leadership role within the industry, set an example and steer the industry forward.”

In 2021, he was elected as President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada. Wayne is spearheading efforts for deeper collaboration between MCA at a national and federal level, and MCABC at the provincial level, along with other provincial association partners. This ongoing collaboration is crucial for moving forward and supporting the sector in BC, and across Canada.

“A vibrant mechanical contracting sector is critical to a healthy economy, to the health and safety of people, and the health of our environment, for all British Columbians and Canadians”.