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Becoming a skilled tradesperson in the mechanical trades involves becoming an apprentice. A trade apprenticeship is a unique training process that combines both education and on site training. For most apprenticeship programs you must complete a set number of training hours and courses spread over four years. Let’s review what’s involved with completing an apprenticeship.

Find An Employer

Once you have an idea of the mechanical trade you want to pursue, the first step is to either find an employer who will sponsor you as an apprentice or apply for an apprenticeship with a union. To find mechanical contracting businesses in British Columbia to contact for apprenticeship availability, visit our business directory. There are also a number of unions you can connect to for various trades including Boilermakers 359; UA Local 170 for plumbers, welders, steamfitters and pipefitters; and UA Local 516 for HVAC and Refrigeration.

Register Your Apprenticeship

Once you’ve been sponsored, you will need to register with SkilledTradesBC (formerly Industry Training Authority). Your sponsor will complete paperwork and you will receive an apprenticeship number. Throughout your apprenticeship journey, the ITA will monitor your training. You will need to submit your work hours and follow their program in order to complete your apprenticeship.

Complete Your Courses

In addition to your on-site work, you may need to take additional courses during your apprenticeship. Learn about Skilled Trades Training.

Apprenticeship Grants & Loans

Calling All Mechanical Contractors

We need companies like yours to sponsor apprentices. What’s required to take on an apprenticeship is a journeyman on staff to mentor the new apprentice. You’ll receive tax credit benefits, subsidized wages, and will pave the way for the next generation of skilled trades professionals.

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