A Voice for Our Industry

MCABC is leading the change and advancement of our industry.
We collaborate with regulatory and government representatives to influence best practices and inform policy development.

We are passionate advocates for mechanical contractors in British Columbia and are committed to bridging conversations and propelling the industry forward. We represent the largest segment of trades in construction in the province, an industry which accounts for nearly 10% of GDP and employs 240,000 people.

We work with all levels of government by responding to the needs of a changing industry and championing issues that impact our members.

Call to Action

We invite a collaborative effort with the provincial government and other key industry stakeholders to identify solutions that address the immediate needs of our industry including skilled labour shortages, prompt payment legislation, and the climate emergency. The continued development of our infrastructure in BC depends on it.

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On behalf of mechanical contractors in BC and in collaboration with the BC Construction Association (BCCA) and the Electrical Contractors Association of BC (ECABC), MCABC continues to push for Prompt Payment legislation in BC.

Skilled Labour Shortages

Construction is one of the fastest growing industries in British Columbia, however the lack of available skilled mechanical tradespeople impacts the timely delivery of projects.

Climate Emergency

MCABC is collaborating with other industry organizations and provincial and local stakeholders to ensure that our members are contributing to the various climate change initiatives.

What is a Mechanical Contractor?

Mechanical Contractors are professionals responsible for the installation, repair, and maintenance of mechanical systems in buildings.

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