Professional Development



MCAC Webinar - Building Awareness: Addressing Mental Health in the Construction Industry

Join Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada for an insightful webinar that delves into the often-overlooked signs and symptoms of mental health challenges featuring Coralee Beatty, Fractional COO | Business Strategist, THRIVE HQ.

Gain a deeper understanding of the barriers individuals face in seeking help and learn how to identify these obstacles. Discover the pivotal role leadership plays in cultivating an environment that champions mental health awareness and education, fostering a stigma-free culture of support. Furthermore, uncover a wealth of mental health resources and tools to aid in seeking help or guiding others towards assistance.

Don’t miss this opportunity to equip yourself with valuable knowledge and strategies to promote mental well-being in your community and workplace.



2024 MCABC Business Conference & Trade Show

Despite tremendous growth opportunities for the mechanical contracting industry, we are facing unprecedented challenges such as increasing costs, supply chain shocks, and labour shortages. MCABC is actioning change for a sustainable future, regularly assessing and delivering on the needs of our members to maintain their competitive advantage.

The 2024 Business Conference is the place to be for the industry to network with experts and colleagues, learn from business thought leaders, gain insights to government and industry trends and access training and exclusive educational sessions.

Join us for an immersive experience featuring esteemed keynote speakers, dynamic panel discussions, and interactive learning sessions. Explore our exclusive trade show, showcasing top manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors in the mechanical contracting industry.



Project Accounting for Contractors: Cost Control and Financial Reporting

Construction project success hinges on the combined strength of the entire team.

Beyond mere number crunching, project success demands communication, collaboration, management, costing, and forecasting. This course offers project management professionals an in-depth understanding of construction financial management by bridging the gap between construction processes and accounting knowledge.