“All six of MCABC’s pillars—leadership, education, skilled trades, advocacy, collaboration and innovation—are critical to the industry’s success. But my personal mission is to advance the education of our membership, particularly when it comes to cultivating business skills, like understanding contracts, negotiation and the business of running a business.

Having the ability to do high-quality work, combined with these business skills, not only helps individuals in the industry, it helps us raise the bar for our industry as a whole.”

Trevor Hildebrand

Chair President
Phase Mechanical Systems Ltd.

Trevor Hildebrand has more than 40 years of experience in the mechanical contracting industry, where he trained and practiced as a plumber and project manager before starting Phase Mechanical Systems in 1993.

Guiding how Trevor runs and operates Phase Mechanical is his mantra of ‘ethics, honour, respect’. “This business is based on relationships, and the only way to succeed in the long-term is to earn trust and build a reputation for being a quality person who does quality work,” he says. “It’s very rewarding to be able to point to a building and say, that’s 45-storeys of my working relationship with a customer, and together we’ve made a mark on this community.”  

Trevor brings his focus on relationship building to his role as MCABC’s Chair of the Board of Directors. He says, “I’m a firm believer in the importance of giving back. And the best way I can do that for our industry is to lend my skillset and my experience to help form and shape the industry, so that more people can be successful in it”. 

Trevor is a passionate advocate for mechanical contractors in British Columbia. In his role on the Board, Trevor is a champion of change to propel the industry forward. “As an MCABC member, you know that you belong to an organization that is looking out for your best interests,” he says. To do so, Trevor has worked steadily to gain MCABC a seat at the table where decisions about the industry are being made. “We’ve established MCABC as a leader and an authority, which allows us to influence and inform policy development on best practices. We seek out these opportunities, but we also have decision makers that are proactively consulting with us, asking us to sit on boards and committees, seeking our opinions and perspectives. This is what our organization’s transformation looks like, and I’m proud to be a part of it.”