“I believe MCABC can be advocates and the big voice for the industry as a whole. Not just for the big contractors or even the medium-sized companies, but the smaller ones and the independent ones likewise.

MCABC can bring forward the issues and concerns that affect all contractors, not just the ones with the resources to have a voice. Myself, serving as an associate on the Board of Directors shows that different voices from different backgrounds can come together for a common goal.”

Summer Nicholl

National Shurjoint Sales Manager
Aalberts Integrated Piping Systems

Summer entered the mechanical contracting industry in 2009 at a time when she was looking for an industry that offered growth and stability.

Summer has previous board experience, having served two terms with CIPH’s BC Chapter where she was chair of both the Young Executives and Women’s Committees.

“When I started, I didn’t know the complexities of the mechanical systems,” Summer says. “I worked under a few great mentors who had 30 plus years of experience and sponged their knowledge. I remember the overwhelming learning curve, so whenever I come across someone who is new to the industry, I embrace them with empathy and offer support; it is the least I could do as an effort give back and continue the growth and development within the industry.”

Sharing knowledge and working collaboratively positions Summer well for a role on MCABC’s Board of Directors. “I like to work alongside all team members and to support and blend our strengths to make our team the strongest. I always like to bring humility and acknowledge that everyday I continue to learn.”

MCABC’s initiative to make the trades more female-inclusive resonates with Summer.  “I’m very passionate about developing the female involvement in the industry. I remember being one of few in my earlier days. I’ve seen over the last decade that female representation has become much stronger, with that came fresh outlooks and perspectives. We still have a ways to go.”

There’s a need for other diverse groups, in all areas of the industry, she notes. “We need to continue the recruitment and development of good people on all fronts. Not just on the tools, but from manufacturing to wholesale.”

These efforts to diversify the workforce will also help bridge the widening age gap in the industry. “There’s still a generational gap of understanding what young people want out of the workplace and what the older generation has put into the industry. Bridging the gap between generations and mindsets in the trades will help recruit and retain more people in the trades.”

As a Board Member, Summer aims to bring integrity. “Whether it’s professional work, acting on the board or in personal life, I strive to lead with integrity and honesty. Being authentic by leading with honesty and integrity is not always the easiest, but it is the backbone of strong relationships.”