“MCABC allows for deeper and more meaningful collaboration. Whether talking to competitors, partners or friends, you learn that we all face the same challenges. MCABC allows us to work together and have cohesive plans to move the industry forward, creating solutions that benefit us all.”

Steve Robinson

MCAC Director, BC President, Owner
Pitt Meadows Plumbing & Mechanical Systems Ltd.

A true family business, Steve Robinson started Pitt Meadows Plumbing & Mechanical Systems with his brothers in 1979. For the past several decades, he has sought to deliver value for clients and build innovative projects that shape communities across British Columbia.

Steve points to his company’s people as its most important asset. “Forty years ago, I had no idea we’d end up with a large, successful company. But, when you combine the right people with hard work, success is a natural outcome,” says Steve.

This is one of the reasons why Steve is so invested in training the next generation, and why Pitt Meadows Plumbing has a clear commitment to recruit underrepresented groups to the industry. “Having the best people will help ensure our family business supports future generations of our community for years to come.”

Steve also credits his belief in hard work and dedication to get the job done right—a commitment shared across his team. The company motto is ‘We say, we mean, we do’. “It is this approach that has led to the continued long-term success of our clients and partners,” he says.

With an eye towards the company’s longevity, Steve focuses on strategizing what the future holds for Pitt Meadows Plumbing. He is passionate about new ideas and keeping on the cutting edge of an ever-changing industry.

And while looking at the big picture, Steve knows just how vital a keen eye for detail is to his business’s success. “We are extreme planners,” he says. In the last seven years, this has meant focusing on in-house manufacturing of as many parts as possible involved in a given project, saving time, money and resources in the long run.”

Steve’s passion for innovation lends itself to finding solutions to address the challenges facing the mechanical contracting industry and optimizing the opportunities. His forward-thinking is an asset to the MCABC Board of Directors, its members and the industry at large.