“I'm passionate about creating a greater space within MCABC for service contractors and making sure we're a mature modern organization that has a space for all types. I see service as a steppingstone towards broader inclusion of the residential sector. I think that will pave the way for smaller and smaller service companies and increase the appeal for people looking to get into the trade.

Advocacy does two things: one, it actually creates the space for different groups by defining who we are and what we stand for as an organization; and two, it provides value to members who need our help to actualize change.”

Simon Miller

Director Of Operations (Service Division)
Haakon Industries Ltd.

Simon is passionate about the industry. He knows how important a role the mechanical trades play, not only in providing people a safe and comfortable place to live, work, and congregate but also to do it all in a sustainable way.  Simon believes that this next generation of mechanical trades people are going to absolutely revolutionize our built environment.

What led Simon to engage with the MCABC at the director level is a deep understanding that when we work together mechanical contractors can effect real positive change that will benefit us all. 

Entering the trades was the right choice, and Simon has found more opportunity than he ever imagined, noting that the industry is far more complex than most people realize. “I had a teacher back in high school,” Simon reflects. “And I remember he gave me a piece of advice one day. He said it’s sometimes better to be a big fish in a small pool than a small fish in a big pool. And I felt like with my skill set and abilities, I would have the ability to really excel within the trade. Because I’ve been able to come at it with a different mindset and a different perspective than many people in the trade, I’ve been able to stand out and get a lot of opportunities.”

Simon approaches leadership with the belief that everybody is worth consulting and should have a voice. “Everybody has their own ideas of how to accomplish things. I think it’s important that as a more senior leader that I define the scope and enable people to work within the scope. And then I do give them license within that scope to run their area as needed.”

Simon thinks strategically, and he believes that continued growth of MCABC’s membership will help drive public interest in mechanical contracting. “Promoting the skilled trades through MCABC will help the membership with their recruiting efforts and create a funnel of people that will apply for the jobs in the industry.”