“With MCABC, you get to know everyone in the industry, and everyone gets to know you. MCABC opens doors to learn from one another, find solutions and strengthen our businesses.

The mechanical contracting industry is unique in the level of collaboration, helpfulness and knowledge sharing, even amongst competitors. MCABC creates opportunities for cooperation. We all want each other to succeed, because it elevates the industry as a whole to have high standards, continuous improvement and innovation.”

Mike Vesterback

MIRA Rep Partner
National Hydronics Ltd.

A partner in National Hydronics, Mike Vesterback’s primary roles are project manager and estimator. He started with National in 1990, and by 2003 had become an owner together with his business partners.

Mike is passionate about mentoring and educating the industry. “I had an extraordinary mentor in National Hydronics’ founder, Helmut Musil. I credit a lot of my success to his role in guiding me, and I want to pay that generosity forward to others,” Mike says.  

Areas of education Mike is particularly focused on include teaching those in the industry how to understand contract terms and the contract review process. “Contracts can be very complex, and you have to be incredibly diligent. You can be very talented at what you do, but if you aren’t protecting yourself, it’s difficult to be successful.”

Mike is also passionate about sharing the lessons he’s learned throughout his career. He says this includes understanding that everyone on a team shares an equal role in the success of a project, and being open to learning from others. “I’m always impressed with the skills and knowledge of the people on my teams. I work to create a workplace culture of idea sharing to drive teamwork and innovation. Giving people the agency to contribute brings the best solutions forward, which contributes to our projects’ overall success,” he says. 

And this investment in education extends to those outside the industry in terms of the types of opportunities that the skilled trades can provide job seekers. “The mechanical contracting industry has really evolved. It’s a sophisticated industry with so much opportunity. We’re working to raise awareness of the range of really good, well-paying jobs and the upwards mobility that this industry has to offer.” 

Mike sits on the MCABC Board of Directors as an appointed member representing the Mechanical Industrial Relations Association (MIRA). “I see my role on the Board as a unifier and bridge builder between the union contractors I represent, and non-union. It’s my mission to get more union contractors as members, and get more participation from those that already are members. Together, we can be a strong voice for our industry.”