“Being part of the MCABC Board gives me the opportunity to influence what’s happening in our industry. MCABC has built up its leadership role so that we are staying ahead of the curve and leading the change for the industry’s success, today and into the future. And that’s part of the value members receive as we work to create growth.

We have such an opportunity, and I want to be a part of that transformation.”

Sean Hamilton

Owner and President
First District Mechanical Group Ltd.

Sean Hamilton is Owner and President of First District Mechanical, a company he established in 2020 that focuses on service, maintenance and retrofits for Commercial, Industrial and Strata-Residential customers.

Sean founded First District Mechanical with a mission to make lives better, whether it be the lives of his customers, or the communities First District supports. For Sean, this starts with his team. “From using the best software to enhance efficiency, to work-life balance, to our unique salary model, we invest in our people,” he says. “This creates a culture of accountability and mutual respect. In turn, our technicians devote their time and energy to make First District a great company for our customers and our team.”  

This people-first approach has also helped First District Mechanical address the skilled labour shortage by attracting and retaining great talent. Sean says, “because of our salary model that pays healthy, living wages, we are able to attract people in their 30s and 40s who want to make a career shift to mechanical contracting, but wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford to do so.” 

Sean also points to the increasingly diverse workforce as a pivotal aspect in increasing the labour pool. “Our industry is more inclusive than it’s ever been before, and we need to continue to diversify. Both physical and mental safety in the industry are at an all-time high. This has opened up more opportunities for people that weren’t traditionally getting into the trades. Anyone can do this job, and the opportunities are endless.” 

And it is this amount of opportunity that Sean says he feels is the most rewarding aspect of working in mechanical. “You can make it whatever you want. This industry has everything within it to do what makes you happy every single day.”

Sean’s role on the MCABC Board of Directors gives him a further platform to raise the bar on helping create openings and possibilities, develop and enhance the sector’s quality of service, foster opportunities for education and continuous learning and bolster the reputation of the sector overall.