“MCABC gives you access to a world of knowledge. As a member, you’re not alone. You have a network of people that have your back, will take your call—even if it’s a competitor—and help you out. That’s the culture of the organization.

MCABC provides a real support system. We have shared values in terms of integrity, quality and value.
At the end of the day, we all want to do a good job and be proud of our work.”

Miles Murray

Business Development Manager
Equipco Ltd.

Miles Murray specializes in the hydronic industry as a contractor, consultant and owner’s representative.

In 1982 he started Murray Mechanical Sales Inc. and began providing customers with high quality commercial and industrial boilers and water heaters, and related accessories. In 2020, Murray Mechanical Sales, Inc. merged with Equipco and continues to provide support and services to the industry.

Since 1982, Miles has seen the industry mature with technological advancements and higher expectations. “Change comes from outside your organization, so you have to stay ahead of the curve and always be learning,” says Miles. 

One of these transformations has been the approach to climate change, including customers’ desires to reduce emissions, as well as legislation and policy, including electrification and Net-Zero targets. 

“I feel very strongly about saving energy. If I can cut a customer’s energy bill, that jazzes me. I get a big kick out of solving problems and then seeing the systems we design translate to real outcomes,” he says.  

Miles joined the MCABC Board of Directors to give back to the industry and contribute to its ongoing success. He sees his role on the Board as a bridge builder between the suppliers and mechanical contractors. “I understand what it means to be on the product side of the fence and how important we can be, particularly in driving innovation and new technology adoption.” 

To this end, Miles is on a mission to get more people in the mechanical sector involved in MCABC. “I am always promoting MCABC because I feel so strongly about the organization. Our industry provides clean water, clean air and comfort, and we are essential to the health and wealth of this province. MCABC helps us have stronger businesses and a stronger industry overall—and that is good for all British Columbians.”