“MCABC empowers members to be proactive in shaping our industry for the better.

I encourage everyone to participate as much as possible, because—whether its decisions being made about training opportunities, policies that impact our day-to-day lives, our advocacy priorities, or how we tackle climate change—it gives you the opportunity to have a say in how our industry grows and evolves. “

Meghan Murphy

Mechanical Account Manager
ESC Automation/Ainsworth

Meghan Murphy, Mechanical Account Manager, ESC Automation/Ainsworth, has a strong reputation as a relationship builder and leader who is passionate and knowledgeable about the HVAC industry. She brings this to bear as she manages her portfolio of multi-listing contracts across BC, including with large institutional and government clients.

Meghan also has a reputation for her ability to build trust, which she credits to her straightforward approach. She says, “customers, co-workers and partners know they can count on me to be honest and upfront, whether it comes to providing a quote, making recommendations or addressing challenges. I’m an open book, which goes a long way in developing long-standing relationships in the industry.” 

In her role at ESC Automation/Ainsworth, Meghan touches every aspect of the business, from operations, to innovation, to customer service. “Because my job requires comprehensive knowledge of the business overall, it gives me broader insight and perspectives on the industry.” She furthers this by always taking the opportunity to learn and grow. “I’m fascinated by all facets of HVAC, so whether it’s learning about an innovative process, a new product that has environmental benefits, or how something gets built, I want to educate myself” she says. 

Meghan was nominated to the MCABC Board of Directors in 2021. She brings a unique perspective as the first female Board member. “It’s important that women have a voice in the industry and a seat at the table, particularly because attracting a more diverse set of people to the field is a critical strategy in overcoming the skilled labour shortage. Being on the Board gives me the opportunity to not only lead, but it also demonstrates to women, and others interested in the trades, that the industry is progressing.”