“I’m passionate about working with MCABC to promote career paths in the skilled trades, particularly amongst groups that have been traditionally underrepresented.

This means educating people in these groups that the trades are for them, and just how rewarding, financially and beyond, mechanical contracting jobs can be. It also means promoting diversity and inclusion within the industry. I firmly believe that by recruiting and hiring the best people, we continue to raise the standards for the industry, which benefits everyone.”

Joe Buccella

Manager (Vancouver)
Lisi Mechanical Contractors Ltd.

Joe Buccella started his career in mechanical contracting as a plumber, and then worked his way up to journeyman, foreman and service manager before partnering with co-founders to open a successful Ontario-based mechanical contracting business in 1990. In 2007, he joined Lisi Mechanical Contractors, relocating to British Columbia to open Lisi’s BC branch.

Joe built the BC practice from the ground up by focusing on quality workmanship and maintaining Lisi’s family-style approach to customer service. “Loyalty and honesty will get you repeat business. If you make a deal, honour it. If you make a mistake, own up to it,” Joe says. “If you’re good to your customers, they’ll be good to you.” 

This family-style approach also can be seen in Joe’s leadership style. He places a strong emphasis on promoting from within, providing opportunities for advancement for those who want it and creating leaders in all levels of the business. “If you create good leaders, you create good people,” Joe says. “We’re always trying to elevate those who want the opportunity. Skills can be taught. If you have the right attitude and you want to contribute to the Lisi team, then I want to teach you.” 

Joe’s commitment to cultivating community also includes the wider mechanical contracting industry. “The most rewarding thing about mechanical is the relationships you build and the community you create. It’s an industry filled with really good people,” he says. This is one of many reasons why Joe enjoys being on the MCABC Board of Directors. “I get the opportunity to talk to more and more mechanical contractors, and we all face the same challenges and have common goals”. And together, as Joe points out, the Board and MCABC membership can have an impact. “This is an action-oriented group that is now having real influence over the issues and opportunities affecting our industry. We represent a significant portion of the construction sector, and together we are a force.”