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Annual General Meeting 2021


Further to earlier communications, MCABC’s AGM will take place during the Virtual Business Conference. At the meeting, a special resolution to update and replace the current Bylaws will be presented. The proposed updates are “housekeeping” in nature and provide additional clarity to changes proposed last year as part of the modernizing of MCABC’s Bylaws.


Notice of Special Resolution

Thursday, May 27, 2021

1:00 – 2:00 pm

The proposed housekeeping updates include:

  • Consistent use of defined terms (i.e. “Member”) and distinction between Member and Voting Member where applicable.
  • Further defining “Primary Contact” to capture the fact that a member might have two such contacts (i.e. one for voting membership purposes and one to serve as a Director)
  • Further clarification to Part 6:
    • Directors must be Affiliates, Contractors or Associates (or their Primary Contacts), provide that at least one must be an Associate/Primary Contact, at least 8 must be Contractor/Affiliate/Primary Contact; and at least a majority must be Contractor/Primary Contact.
    • The Immediate Past Chair position is only filled if such person is not already serving as a Director and, if such person is already serving as a director, the position of Immediate Past Chair will remain vacant (and may not be treated as a vacancy on the Board that can be filled).  NOTE: that if the immediate past chair is already a director, this would result in a board of 10 directors.
    • Directors will serve for a two-year term, except for the MIRA appointment who will serve indefinitely (i.e. until their appointment is revoked by MIRA) and the Immediate Past Chair who will serve for so long as he or she is qualified to serve in such position.  NOTE:  the Immediate Past Chair will serve for as long as the sitting Chair. 
    • The Chair must be a Contractor or Primary Contact
    • Officers are appointed for 1-year terms except for the Chair who is appointed for a two year-term

All proposed changes to the existing bylaws are tracked here. The text for the Special Resolutions is here.

Please register & vote:

  • The MCABC AGM will be held online using the same platform as that for the Virtual Business Conference. Members are asked to register in advance for the AGM here. As part of your registration, you will be asked to confirm:
    • Whether or not you are the Voting Member for your company;
    • If you will be appointing a proxy. Click here to complete Proxy and return to Ashling Diamond at
  • There will be an election at the AGM for four vacant Board positions. Please watch for this announcement and be sure to vote.

Further AGM updates, including the agenda, will be shared in the Member Hub leading up to the AGM.

We look forward to your participation.

AGM Board Nominations:

In addition to regular business of the Association and a special resolution for housekeeping items related to the Bylaws, there will be an election. Six members have been nominated for four vacant positions:

Contractor/Affiliate Categories

  1. Paul Demeule, General Manager-BC, Trotter & Morton Building Technologies Inc (*incumbent, 2020 MCABC Board Director)
  2. Sean Hamilton, Owner/President, First District Mechanical
  3. Meghan Murphy, Mechanical Account Manager, ESC Automation
  4. Dave Trace, Contract Sales/Account Manager, Total Energy Systems Ltd.

Associate Category

  1. Niall Duggan, Regional Sales Manager-BC, Wolseley Canada
  2. Miles Murray, Business Development Manager, Equipco Ltd.

Please show your support for MCABC’s volunteer Board members and come prepared to hear them speak and to vote.

2021 AGM Agenda Package